From intimate dinners and large parties at our restaurants, to full service catering, let us create a unique adventure.



“More than a Snack”

Style: This will be heavy snacks and nibbles. Not a full meal by any means, but perfect for a bridal shower, or corporate events where the focus will not be on the food. Can be passed by staff or laid out for people to grab at their leisure.

Price Per Person: $15 | Minimum: 30 people | Maximum: 300 people


“Backyard BBQ”

Style: This will be heavy on the smoke and char. A more casual affair for people that want great food with nothing pretentious about it. Doesn’t have to be meat centric, but meat is our favorite and where we like to shine. Buffet style would work perfect for this kind of event.

Price Per Person: $25  |  Minimum: 50 people  |  Maximum: 200 people


“Traditional, Non-Traditional”

Style: Most like a traditional wedding style. Making sure to hit all the fine points one would expect from a catered meal. However, nothing we do is traditional. The food will still be as exciting and different than ever. There will be something for you as well as your great aunt Judy. Something for everyone and yet something to keep people talking.

Price Per Person: $35  |  Minimum: 50 people  |  Maximum: 200 people


“Seafood Showcase”

Style: Items in this spread will be elevated by the best of the sea. Everything from salmon to octopus to mussels. This will be nothing like your traditional seafood buffet. This will be something worth talking about. This can be done family style at the table, buffet, or even plated.

Price Per Person: $50  |  Minimum: 50 people  |  Maximum: 150 people



Style: This is for everyone that doesn’t want or need a wedding cake. This will be a package curated by our pastry chef, Renee Bolstad, custom made for your event. This package can be added on top of any existing package or can hold its weight all by itself.

Price Per Person: $10  |  Minimum: 30 people  |  Maximum: 200 people



All drink packages must have a licensed bartender with the exception of the non-alcoholic option. The bartender must be present and serve all liquor. No alcoholic beverages will be left after the event. All alcohol will be removed from the event.


Details: Selection of soft drinks, house shrub and soda, tea, coffee

Price: $12 Per Person  |  Minimum: 30 people


Beer and Wine

Details: Selection of Beer and Wine curated for your menu and your taste

Price: Starting at $18 per person  |  Minimum: 30 people


Starter Cocktail Package

Details: Our well sprits. Must purchase non-alcoholic package.

Price: $16


Premium Cocktail Package

Details: Higher end spirits. Must purchase non-alcoholic package

Price: $22




Details: Staffing will depend on the style of service and the number of guests you were expecting. Staff may be required. The number of staff will be configured when planning your event. A service charge of 20% will be added to the total bill.

Lead: $35 Per hour (At Least 1 required on all staffed events)

Bartender: $25 per hour  |  Server: $20 per hour  |  Chef: $30 per hour


Delivery: Starting at $60 (depends on set up required and mileage)

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